Sunday, June 28, 2020

Building the Chakra Spreads for Healing

The simplest way to begin a chakra spread is starting one at a time for each chakra. If you need a brush up on chakras please read this:

The simplest way to begin a chakra spread is with each chakra one at a time with a simple   

1[] "what do I need to know right now about my root chakra"?
Let's say you get a 5P 
5 of Pentacles

Remember, the root chakra is all about safety and security. You might see this and think, "Oh SNAP! I'm in some hella scarcity thinking!" 

You then have some choices. You can immediately choose to chant a mantra such as Om Mani Padme Hum, or a poem you may have made up, sing a song that reminds you of your blessings or brings you hope, do a meditation. You can choose to enter this card and imagining yourself enter a place of safety, guided by your angels or spirit guides be they animal or human. 

The book Tarot For Yourself by Mary Greer has some good meditation visualizations. I highly recommend it. (I do not recommend that chakra portion, there are some obvious errors like thinking the root and sacral chakras are the same.)

Another option is to look at this and start asking followup questions

One card, 1[] "Now that I know that my root chakra is in a state of scarcity thinking what can I do about it?"

You might draw an 8P

You may see this and think, "Ah I see, I need to focus on what I CAN do. I can work on my craft, diligence in the things that matter to me."

For some people that will be enough, or you might go into a root chakra meditation. There are some good ones on the Insight Timer App (a free app on both Apple and  Android devices!)

Another method is to do a three card spread

1[]  2[]  3[]

1: What is [insert chakra] strength?
2: What is [insert chakra] weakness?
3: What can be done to strengthen [insert chakra]?

Another method is another three cards spread

1[]  2[]  3[]

1: How am I (or querent) showing others  [insert chakra]?
2: How am I (or querent) supporting [insert chakra]?
3: What can be done to help [insert chakra]?

You can include in that third one to heal, open, balance out, whatever feels most appropriate based on the answers in 1 and 2. For example if you get 
1: the Sun Ⓡ 
People may perceive you as all sunshine and sweetness, but also as someone who is easily taken advantage of. A lot of brightness without a lot of power. 

2: 10S
This likely indicates that your beliefs about power is negatively effecting your ability support your own personal power. Probably due to examples you have seen of people abusing their power.

Now, you may be fine with this, some people are, in fact, fine with the way their chakras present themselves, but perhaps you aren't. Perhaps you have been taken advantage one too many times and it has hurt you and yours. So you pull a third card to help you figure out what to do about it. 

3: Justice
This would likely indicate that you need to balance your sense of justice so that you do not overhonor others while under honoring yourself or even under honoring your loved ones. (Sometimes we too easily let other people dictate how we handle our families.)

You might think, well, how do I do that? What I can do to balance that sense of justice?

And you may pull another card for ideas or you may decide to do a chakra meditation or do some journaling to suss out your feelings on the matter. 

Fundamentally, all you need to do in order to do chakra readings and even the spaces between chakras, is an understanding of the chakras, their basic connectivity, and everything you already learned about Tarot. You can always build off the simple one card spreads. You do NOT have to do them all at once. 

When I first taught this as a class I had people do all the chakras all at once, with strengths, weaknesses, and what can be done, and that was just too much the majority of my students. You totally can do that, and there's no wrong way to shuffle on that, but you absolutely do not need to tackle them all at once. You can take it one a day or one a week. Or two at a time with the space between them. Whatever it is that you feel called to do. 

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