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What Are Chakras

Before we can do anything with reading chakras via the Tarot (oracle cards), we have to know what chakras are. 

The main chakras, energy centers, follow your midline and are associated with different psychological and physiological aspects. They have color associations that typically match the colors of the rainbow, and you remember the order by the old kindergarten mnemonic ROY G BIV, a person who is our friend. ;)

People talk about chakras being wheels, like cogs. Others talk about them being cones with the 2-6 having a back and front cone. I tend to see them as spheres, and I tend to see the spaces between and the full connective column from deep earth to the heavens as a DNA strand. Some people see slightly different colors. I know one person who sees the the Third Eye chakra as magenta, and many people saw the crown chakra as clear or white. 

There are different aspects to each chakra, how you support that chakra and what you project for others to see, or. Some people believe that root and crown don't have these aspects, but I disagree. You can project being spiritually connected and being "high vibe" but are actually a creep taking advantage of people, and you can project being very grounded but really you're falling apart inside. 

In other words, every chakra needs your care and attention, just as every aspect of yourself does. Every chakra may need strengthening, or may simply have the message that need to tell you that you're good because, you know, we get used to thinking we are doing terribly, even if we're not. ;)

One more aspect I feel should be mentioned here, the spaces between these chakras are just as important as the chakras themselves. If you learn that emotions and power don't go together, such as if a parent is always "disciplining" you in anger you learn that to be angry and to be powerful is bad. Then you put a block between those two chakras which interrupt flow and other chakras try to make up for it in other ways. If you find these details on the spaces between them that I provide overwhelming or confusing, just ignore them and focus on good communication between the chakras. 

Okay, lemme give you the quick run down, or well, run up, because we go from the bottom up. 

[_0.5_]  Foundation of Light
    ∞ the space between 
    ∞ connection to Planet Earth

Red (1) - Root (Muladhara)
    ∞ Safety and Security, learned by tribe of birth
    ∞ Trust vs Mistrust*
    ∞ Resiliency, grounding
    ∞ How you experience safety and security
~ Located between anus and genitals where the energies of Du and Ren meet (the Governing and Conception Vessels) meridians.
[_1.5_] Support Beam
    the space between 1 and 2

Orange (2) - Sacral (Svadhisthana)
    ∞ Emotions, Sexuality, and Creativity
    ∞ Industry vs Inferiority*
    ∞ Authenticity
    ∞ How you express and experience your emotions, sexuality, and creativity. 
~ Located between navel and genitals, lower abdomen

[_2.5_] Nourishment
    ∞ the space between 2 and 3 
    ∞ Autonomy vs Shame*

Yellow (3) - Solar Plexus (Manipura)
    ∞ Power and will. 
    ∞ Initiative vs Guilt*
    ∞ Healthy boundaries, honoring your boundaries and the boundaries of others.
    ∞ How you express your power and your beliefs about power.
~Located between navel and base of sternum

[_3.5_] Heart Power 
    ∞ the space between 3 and 4
    ∞ Identity vs Role Confusion*

Green (4) - Heart (Anahata)
    ∞ Love and Connection, tribe of choice
    ∞ Intimacy vs Isolation*
    ∞ How you connect with yourself and others
    ∞ The Bridge between Heaven (chakras 5-7) and Earth (chakras 1-3), 
        also called Upper and Lower Dantian.*
~Located at Center of of the chest (NOT exactly over the heart organ since the heart organ is slightly to the left)

[_4.5_] Pattern of Spiritual Safety
    ∞ the space between 4 and 5, sometimes called High Heart
    ∞ Christ consciousness, wholeness, oneness
    ∞ Sacred security, your internal safe room

Blue (5) - Throat (Vishuddha)
    ∞ Communication, Self-expression
    ∞ Generativity vs Stagnation*
    ∞ How you speak your truth and hear the truth of others. 
~Located centrally at the base of the neck, think voice box

[_5.5_] Wellbeing
    ∞ space between 5 and 6
    ∞ Governance and Direction
    ∞ Balance of outward and inward expression

Indigo (6) - Third Eye (Ajna)
    ∞ Intuition and Intellect, Wisdom
    ∞ Ego Integrity vs Despair*
    ∞ How you know what you know
~Located Just above and between the eyebrows

[_6.5_] Discernment
    between 6 and 7, also called Fourth Eye or Angel Eye
    ∞ Psychic Protection

Violet (7) - Crown (Sahasrara)
    ∞ Spirituality, Connection to Deity/Divinity
    ∞ Increasing your capacity to handle all things with grace and ease
    ∞ Radical acceptance
    ∞ How you connect to your higher power
~Located at the top of the head, where the soft spot used to be when you were a baby.

[_7.5_] Pillar of Light

As always please feel free to comment with any thoughts or questions. 

*Erik Erikkson's stages of human development. The theory has things happen in a specific order, however, in reality, these things can happen out of order, and in many instances happen concurrently. It is the same with other aspects of energetic, spiritual, and physical development.

**upper and lower is NOT a judgement. One is not better than the other. All are needed to create the rainbow. All are needed to create white light, for unification and oneness. There is Lower Dantian, Middle, and Upper. I sometimes also think of them as Land, Sea, and Sky, but that's my Celtic roots showing.

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