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Sunday, May 17, 2020

A 7 card spread

This spread is from the Keepers of the Light Oracle cards by Kyle Grey

1. You and a strength that you have (you can make this two cards if you wish)
2: What's happening in your life right now?
3: Something that supports your happiness.
4: The obstacle, the challenge, you are overcoming
5: What do your angels want you to know?
6: What do your guides want you to know? (feel free to use ancestors instead)
7: What does your heart want you to know?

You may recognize the two of the last three since they are in one of the three card spreads I shared. I found that it's really nice to just have three cards, of what do you need to know what right now, what's the most pertinent in this moment for you to know from your angels and your heart. I changed it to your wise healed ancestors because I have found that the people I tend to read for find it it confusing to have angels and guides separate. 

This is a very nice spread that can help you see yourself a little more clearly and receive a direct message. When I did this spread for myself I was shocked that I got a card talking about a strength being focus, because I felt very unfocused and scattered. It turns out I had to change my focus a little is all in order for my "sight" to clear up, so to speak. 

Got questions about this spread? Ask in the comments!

Note, this originally only had two really bad pictures that I tossed up quickly in the middle of a Tarot class I was teaching. It now, no longer "ghetto" but the name of the link still includes it. Ha!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

An Experience w/the Doors of Love & Light Auracle card deck

I was blessed to be able to get the Kindle edition of the guidebook to accompany these cards. I have seen the physical cards in action in my Tarot classes where we are learning different spreads you can use (since spreads for Tarot can be used for oracle cards and vise versa).  They have been pretty amazing. 

However, I hadn't had a visceral experience of them before in my own life, until fairly recently. I was reading the guidebook one evening and my spirit guides directed to me look at specific cards by number. They had a message for me. Now for a bit of context, for the majority of April I was experiencing more post-traumatic stress symptoms than is now usual for me, and experiencing a serious uptick in migraines. I wasn't in a very good place a lot of the time, though I did my best to bring in the energy of joy and laughter and love in my life. 

Here are three of the cards, edited screenshots from the e-book, used with permission by the author, Rita Morgin. Click on the images to enlarge them. 

When I read these words,
"I trust and allow your right to exist," 

my breath caught in my throat. I stopped breathing for a moment, stunned to be reading those words. Previous spiritual experiences were recalled into my mind all at once, like a split screen TV, and I remembered the words they told me previously, "You are worthy because you exist," and the struggles of still feeling like I have to justify my existence, to be worthy of it. 

I read on, 
"your right to breathe," 

and suddenly I started breathing again, 
"and I trust that your heaven on Earth causes me no harm,"

 and I just wanted to cry, because somewhere, deep inside me for so long, I had the belief that I was dangerous, that somehow despite all my best intentions, I would end up hurting people. (Systemic childhood abuse is a doozy.)

The felt my pulse quicken, my eyes widened, pupils dilating because suddenly the room was brighter, as I read these words: 

"We no longer have a need to create painful experiences as normal. The universe invites you to create a 'New Normal' with joy and ease. ... As you create your 'new normal', you may find it easier to choose that any pain you are experiencing is no longer your body's 'normal' but only a temporary transition as you heal." 

And now, the tears came. Reading this. 

Context. In my trauma group therapy we talked about how after the traumatizing experience that your body changes and responds to the world differently, creating a new normal for you. They say this is a way of radical acceptance, because in order to truly heal from something, you have accept everything about it as being what it is, including post-traumatic stress symptoms no matter how debilitating they can be. This is important because we often get angry at ourselves at our bodies for reacting to events now as if they are the events then, and having all these different trauma responses. The reality is my body gave me the gift of survival. It broke up all the pain into little pieces so I could survive in a toxic environment, for which I am truly grateful. 

But somehow, even though I believe in healing, even though my symptoms have dramatically reduced over the years, especially post 2016 when I started getting targeted therapy, I had entirely missed that at some point a new normal will be created, and here it was, taking me by the collar and saying YES, you can now have a NEW new normal! Such a radical, heartening, hopeful notion. A new normal, where I don't have to keep being in pain for pain I have experienced to be valid. 

I cannot wait to have this card in my hands so I can hang it up as a reminder when I'm having a harder time with things. 

I then had to laugh at this one. I have been doing a lot of ancestral healing, and oh, I have one story that's. . . . a thing. I have been intending to write about it for a while, I think I will have to now. Anyway, the whole 
"clearing and calming the agitation" 

just really made me laugh, because so many in my ancestral line are stuck in their ways. The wise ancestors that I have, the ones who are healed, go back so so very far in our line it's ridiculous. But maybe I'm judging them too harshly, and that's what the reminder was. That yes, miracles happen but those miracles are a relationship with myself, the land including those who once lived where I live, and my ancestors. An interplay. Harmonizing it together because these three aspects are all part of the same symphony. And to me that is what is meant when it says in the guidebook
"supporting a 'Miracles Happen' attitude."

This reading was everything I needed. 

I absolutely pre-ordered this deck. One for me, one for a sister. Every card comes with an meditation! I really want to experience the meditations with these cards, especially creating a new normal. 

You can preorder the deck here on IndieGoGo
You can also preorder it from her website Spirit Earth Ministeries
You can order just the book on Amazon and Kindle

I also want to include what I wrote to Rita about this deck and the impact it has had on my life. This is what I wrote to her: 
I absolutely adore this deck and cannot wait for my own. Rita, you have been so thoughtful in how you have constructed it and energy that you have infused into the cards. Every color choice, every line, has a meaning and purpose, and I love that. The power of these cards as you have created them, has been made evident in my Meetup classes when you bring them and use them. 

I am so excited to get my own deck. I love YOUR energy, and what YOU have done with the cards, and what wonderful energy you are bringing in. At first blush they appear to simple, but Jesus was also a simple carpenter and look at the healing power he brought to the world. It is the same with these cards. I am so grateful to you for having created them, and for being so in tune to the Universe to bring in what's needed into the world for us to heal our spaces. 

You are freakin' amazing for doing this, and oh, I'm tearing up, it means so much to me. Thank you so much. I am sensitive to energy and your energy that you are bringing into the cards is so good and so needed, and I have already been blessed by their presence. <3
And one final thing, I really enjoy the synergy of angelic, shamanistic, and faery energy in this deck. 

Stay sane, safe, and well my peeps! 

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Building the Celtic Cross Spread

This method is a way of building up to the Celtic Cross Spread. As a result, the order of card placements aren't traditional, particularly in the beginning.

You start with the basic spread:
1: Past
2: Present
3: Near Future
Remember past is within the last three months or so, sometimes in the last six. Present is what's up with you/the querrent right now and within the last couple days. Future I labelled near future so as not to confuse you about the final future card. This near future is short time, in about three months, sometimes as late as six months, but not usually.

Then you had above and below the present:
4: Consciously know/feel
5: Unconsciously know/feel
Sometimes where our conscious selves are can be radically different from our subconscious selves, and seeing that in the cards can be seriously helpful in figuring out what's up.

Then sideways over the present:
6: The cross you must bear/the crux of what haunts you about the question, as in what is really gettin' your goat about this?

Now to the right, you make a straight vertical line, and bottom up:
7: Your persona, as in what you are projecting forward to other people and yourself
8: Your environment, particularly the people around you.
9: Your hopes and fears, what you want to happen and what you are afraid of. Since the cards have both negative and positive aspects you can usually use one card, and what is present the most, the positive or negative is what is ruling you more, your hope or your fear.
10: Future (about 1 year), what's the probability outcome on this path?

Optional, you can separate hopes and fears. Sometimes this is helpful in getting a little more clarity on the dynamics between the two.
9: Hopes
10: Fears
11: Future

If the final card is a bit worrisome pulling out a clarification card or two can be beneficial. This is particularly helpful as action cards or things to keep in mind cards, so that you will have a better outcome or weather the storm more. Sometimes you need to do a whole 'nother reading though to get more specific clarity on how to change an ill fortune for the better.

Here is the process in images with a sample reading at the end for you to practice with. Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!

Click on the images to enlarge.

And Now The Sample!

The Querent asked "How to move forward with my writing?"
With that in mind, how would you interpret this spread? 
What's holding her back? 
How is she not being true to herself? 
What are the relationships do you see between the cards?

Note: This querent admitted that she reluctantly sees herself as the Queen of Wands
Also note that I chose to use the optional Fear card separately as a sort of clarifier for the fear aspect.

Up close! Including cards that are covered in each section!

Also, to clarify, this is how I personally use the Celtic Cross. It is what makes the most sense to me. There are other ways people perceive it and those are valid. You do what works best for YOU.

The deck shown is the Modern Witch Tarot