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Handy Dandy Spirit Animal Guides Update

Five spirit animal guides have been added this week! The Bluejoy, the Blue Sea Slug, and the Narwal. Also the Pyrosome and the Tardigrade!...


Tarot is simply a way of communing with the Divine, the Universe, God, Jesus, Brigid, your Inner Wisdom, your Angels, etc, using images, archetypes, and symbols to create a sounding board of meaning, clarity, and direction.

I love Tarot cards. I also enjoy oracle cards, but Tarot is what I read with professionally. I also teach Tarot on Meetup! If you are local feel free to join: meetup.com/tarotenergyhealing

Here is a table of contents of things I have written on the Tarot for my Meetup so my students can have access to the resources at any time instead of worrying about losing anything. Coming to the Meetups is a great way to practice with others in a safe and friendly environment. ^_^

A *Very* Brief History on Tarot
Tarot vs Oracle cards
The Elements of the Tarot
The Power of 1-card, 2-card, and 3-card Spreads
The Power of 4-card, 5-card, and 6-card Spreads

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