Thursday, January 14, 2021

13-card Year Reading Spread


The purpose of this reading is to help you be prepared for what’s going on in your life, so that anything that shows up you can handle with finesse and zen. Indeed, the purpose of this reading is to empower you and to give you hope.

This spread is like a clock. Representing the whole year and the individual months. The 1 o’clock position is January, 2 – Feb, and so on and so forth ending on 12 o’clock as December.

The center card, card 13 is like the hands of a click is the card that touches ALL of the other cards. It is the card that represents the energy and lessons that will be present for the ENTIRE year. How to calculate your year card for the current year is talked about in this post:

So in reality, every month is a two card spread, consisting of the year card in the center, the card of the month.

A year reading is about YOU and the general energies of what’s going to be present in YOUR life. The purpose of having this reading is NOT one of fatalism or determinism, but one of probabilities, that these are the energies that are most likely to come to pass, and be present in your life in the upcoming year.

These cards are general, so they will apply to all aspects of your life, but depending on your personal context sometimes one aspect of your life will take more prominence.

When you look at these cards think about any anniversaries, expectations, goals, work cycles, due dates, familial responsibilities (both legit and not legit), holidays you celebrate, religious observances, etc. Such things can give you clues. Sometimes you won’t understand something at all, but keeping aware of the energy presented by the card can help you be more mindful and watchful, and thus make it simpler to adapt to the unanticipated.

Of course, if you don’t look back at these from time to time then, uh, you may miss something and then make a mistake that’s avoidable. Not that I have ever done that. Nope. Not at all. Ha! Yeah, I TOTALLY HAVE. But that's okay, I learned from it.

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