Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Today is 1-20-2021

 That's a palindrome, which is super cool. 1202021.

However, when this was pointed out to me by a random FB comment (in the Stormlight Archive FB group of all places) my brain went WAIT. 

Add all those numbers up you get the number 8. That means today's card in the Tarot is STRENGTH,  or JUSTICE*, in the major arcana. Today is the day of the inauguration of Biden and Harris. How auspicious for the birth of their four year term! 

Okay so, thinking about that, then let's look at both of these cards. 

Then we have the minor arcana cards that are numbered 8 to look at too. Much work needs to be done in the next four years to remedy the mistakes of previous leaders, such as real relief for the hardships so many are dealing with due to the pandemic and restitution for the kids who are still in cages. It's going to take a lot of Strength, of proper application of persistent, diplomatic, and personal power to convince the lion that it wants to follow you. 

And the Justice card is not losing sight of your goal, of seeing with the sword of truth, of looking at things from a balanced view, yet what that judge says, goes. This likely also alludes to working with the Supreme Court which is unbalanced in its representation of the people, most of them having been appointed by the GOP, yet also the President who has veto powers and other executive powers that can be used to strength out country. 

The 8 of Wands (8S), where things are happening fast, and it can feel overwhelming. Basically, a lot of things that need to be a priority are going to demand attention. And the trick here is how to handle it with finesse. 

The 8 of Cups (8C) is about moving away from what no longer serves, and in this case undoing the harm that's been done, and having to figure out a way to work with people who hate you. Which leads us to...

The 8 of Swords where you feel bound but in reality there is a way out, a way to solve the problem but you gotta maintain you vision (that castle), and fill your emotions up with hope instead of despair./ All you gotta do is think outside the box, to notice what you haven't noticed before. 

And then 8 of Pentacles, working diligently on your craft, on your skills, leveling them up. Hella work ethic is needed to make stars worth displaying. 

And all of these things, are the day to day things that are going to come in and cycle over and over again, with small breaks here and there, as seen by the larger separation spaces between the wands in the 8W (groupings of 4, 2, and 2), as well as a space between two of the cups in 8C, a space between the very bottom pentacle and the one above it, and even a space hidden in the 9S, right behind the woman who is loosely bound and can easily be freed. 

In sum, for the next four years, it's "if there's a will, there's a way."

May our new White House administration be endowed with wisdom and the gumption to right wrongs, and anything else needed to do the job, and to do the job well enough; for all of us. 

Faith manages,

*Most decks have 8 as Strength, but some decks do not, they went back to the pre-RWS ordering which is Justice at 8 and Strength at 11. 

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