Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Do I Scrap the Whole Thing & Start Again or Not? (An Impromptu Tarot Spread)

 I was having creative difficulties with the oracle deck I'm creating, specifically for people who have dealt with mental health disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I wasn't meeting my goals, felt frustrated, and cluttered in my mind. I didn't know if I just needed to reorganize or if I should scrap the whole thing thing and start again from scratch. 

So I decided to do a comparative reading, telling me the story, of what would happen if I scrapped the whole thing, or if I were to keep going as is. 

Cards are from the Modern Witch Tarot deck
Cloth is from the Orien's Tarot, feat. the star from the Star

Story of what would happen if I were to scrap the whole thing?
Row 1 - Left to Right

Popout card - Ace of Pentacles
      A shiny new beginning that is well grounded. 

Beginning - 6S
      Moving from what no longer serves to something better. Both people in the boat are me, different aspects of me. The oar is me using  my fire, passion and will to direct the boat, to move through the waters of emotions, with all the lessons and wisdom of thought and of mind to help me cut through the BS. 

Middle - 7C Ⓡ 
      There will no longer be choice paralysis. I will be free to work with greater grace and ease.

End - The Star
      The cards will be as they are intended to be. A symbol of HOPE. 

Story of what would happen if I didn't and kept on with what I had?
Row 2 - Left to Right

Popout card - The Sun 
      It's gonna suck. The joy of the work will be absent.

Beginning - 4S 
      Getting into the zone will be difficult. Stress instead of repose. The Swords are above me, and they aren't comforting, one wrong move and they will fall on me. I'm stuck inside, possibly even with stress migraines. 

Middle - 5W Ⓡ 
        I will stop fighting, but at what cost? 

End - Justice
       The cards will be heavy handed. While justice is good, the deck will not be filled with hope.

Last two cards:
Left - Now that I know this what should I do?
The Lovers 
        Break up with the current working of the deck. 

Right - And what will the outcome be as a result?
The Hierophant
        And then I will be able to live up to my soul and personality card, bringing hope to the population that is often gaslit, victim blamed, and ignored by religious, spiritual, and metaphysical communities. 

I just did this spread a few days ago. And I am listening. 

I gotta say, I felt amused by the popout cards because they are like a summary or foreshadowing of the three cards after them. 

This spread was originally going to be a 6 card spread, of comparing the stories, beginning middle and end of what would happen if I went forward with the two choices I had before me. Yet, I was still a little resistant. I worked hard on these cards! Hence, I asked, okay now that I know this what should I do. And when I got the break up card I was like OKAY FINE but I'm still freaked out about it so what will happen as a result. And it was like YOU WILL BE YOU, DOING WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. 

Yeah, I felt a little called out, but it was also REALLY NICE to get this extra confirmation, so I am glad I added those two cards. It was exactly what I needed. 

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