Energy Healing

Energy healing, or energy work, is, for me, tapping into a my spiritual power to help the energetic body, and thus the physical body, of anyone that I work on, myself included. This shows up in many different ways for me, which I have samples listed here:

This page is where I am building up a quick reference, table of contents so to speak, about my philosophies, practices, and ethics on energy healing in general and on different modalities that I use. You will see a link with a general topic and then be able to click on that link to see all posts under that topic. *

First up is the link to: the Reiki I, II, and III manual , which I have been writing specifically for my Reiki students to have easy access to. 

The different labels/categories for each post is on the homepage. 
I may add a table of contents here later, but right now this is what I'm doing to keep things organized and accessible for you. As always, please feel free to comment with your thoughts and questions. 

*with the exception of any link that includes a /p/ (or is otherwise unlabeled) which means it's a page not a post, such as the one you are looking at. This is to help keep things organized and contained when it seems appropriate, such as the book like structures of the Reiki manual, and the exhaustive list of Spirit Animal Guides. 

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