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When I learn something new that resonates with me it gets integrated into my practice.  Here is a list of what I can do and the different methods (modalities) that I use. Distance is no issue for me. If all of the options are overwhelming to you, no worries, we will figure it out. Often I do a mix of things anyway as guided by my Divine Team. Email me (ladyofradiantjoy@gmail.com), ask me for what you need or want or how you’re feeling and over the course of our conversation we’ll be able to figure out what needs to be done. The angels will guide us both for what’s right for you. ^_^
I can. . .
  • use Reiki (Master level) to help clear your energetic pathways and facilitate healing alignment, relaxation, and long term health (Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy)
  • use Motoki (Level 2) to help facilitate physical healing and broaden your energetic pathways (Motoki means Healing Earth Energy)
  • cast out spirits and entities that cause trouble
  • remove unhelpful entities and spirits that are attached to you
  • remove unhealthy energetic cords to things, people, places, animals, plants, etc.
  • receive messages from God, angels, guides, the universe directly, like a direct download with and without Tarot.
  • find your spirit animal guide and other help on the other side
  • use Tarot (and oracle cards and sometimes books) to help guide you on your life path.
  • speak with deceased loved ones either directly or to their attending angels if they are unavailable
  • remove trapped emotions and negative energies using muscle testing via the sway test (I learned this after reading the Emotion Code)
  • read, and clear, chakras and other energy lines in the body, including meridians
  • help clear generational/ancestral issues
  • find out information about your experiences before your current Earth life (aka: past lives, but it’s so much more than just multiple mortal experiences)
  • cleansing and shielding homes as well as yourself.
  • sing a personalized song of shielding for you and your home
  • cleanse the aura and facilitate healing its boundaries
  • interpret dreams
  • fill empty spaces/holes with the healing balm of Gilead (a spiritual ointment made of light and love)
  • do work on children (including in the womb), plants, animals, objects (I just need permission from parents or owners; and sometimes of the being I'm asked to work on)
This isn’t an exhaustive list. I’ve seen a lot and it’s hard to remember everything off the top of my head. So if you read this and you’re not sure if I can help you, email me anyway (ladyofradiantjoy@gmail.com). It will become clear one way or the other after we start a conversation, and if it turns out I'm not the right fit for you I will do my best to refer you to someone who would be a better fit for you!

No matter what, confidentiality is a big deal to me. What is spoken of between us stays between us. If you are asking me to do some body work on you or for Reiki, I will ask you to fill out a form so we can more smoothly target your needs, but again, everything is held in strictest confidence.

I work with my Divine Team, and they work with yours, to ensure everything is done for your highest good, across all time and space.

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