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The Spirit Animal Guides (SAG) Resources Page!
A synthesis of work by [ME] and Diana Roth

I have put the Spirit Animal Guides lists in relative alphabetical order. 
There are well over 300 Spirit Animal Guides listed!

Don't see the animal you are looking for? 
Please email me so it can be ADDED! I will do this as a free service for all. 

     ∞ [What is a Spirit Animal Guide?]
     ∞ [My Spirit Animal Guide Journey] 

Spirit Animal Guide Lists! 
     ∞ Spirit Animal Guides Main List 
            (I have added to this list)
     ∞ Dinosaurs & Other Extinct Spirit Animal Guides 
            (I have added to this list)
     ∞ Mythical Spirit Animal Guides

     ∞ [Consciously Reconnecting w/your SAG] 
            (Meditation: assumes you know what your SAG is)
            (Meditation: assumes you have no clue what your SAG is)

:*:*:*Please assume the author is Diana Roth, aka Animal Spirits, *:*:*:
unless otherwise noted.
Anything I have written or added will be in [brackets]
In this way you will be able to differentiate authorship. 

I used to direct everyone to animalspirits.com, the most comprehensive site I have ever seen, but that site is down and appears to be permanently down. I have tried contacting the owner to no avail. Diana Roth was the woman who originally ran the site, but she passed several years ago. Thankfully, after learning this, I copied everything on the site into Ever Note. All images and words are now available here. 


  1. Thank you for your time and efforts to archive this site! I just looked to the website and discovered it was down, and found my way here.


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