Saturday, October 22, 2022

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Lady of Radiant Joy Massage 
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I am renting a room from Pure Massage Therapy. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Major Arcana Cheat Sheet

 The suit of Spirit. The bigger life lessons. These typically carry more weight, more depth, and typically have a more lasting impact in a reading. 

     0. 0 - The Fool: A beginning, adventure, risk

  1. I - The Magician: Mise en place, resources 

  2. II - The High Priestess: wisdom, discernment

  3. III - The Empress: community, outreach

  4. IV - The Emperor: structure, logistics

  5. V - The Hierophant: teaching, tradition

  6. VI - The Lovers: union (both platonic and romantic), passion

  7. VII - The Chariot: dignity, movement, alignment

  8. VIII - Strength: will, gentle persuasion

  9. IX - The Hermit: sacred solitude, vibing with nature

  10. X - The Wheel of Fortune: ups and downs, roll with the punches

  11. XI - Justice: law and order, honor, fairness

  12. XII - The Hanged Man: new perspective, staying still, discomfort  

  13. XIII - Death: change, transformation

  14. XIV - Temperance: even tempered, blending opposites

  15. XV - The Devil: sensuality, stuck/trapped, addiction

  16. XVI - The Tower: shock, FUBAR*, sudden change

  17. XVII - The Star: hope, relief

  18. XVIII - The Moon: reflection, shadow self, illusion

  19. XIX - The Sun: happiness, things are looking up, inner child

  20. XX - Judgment: answering the call, resurrection

  21. XXI - The World: integration, an ending

  22. 0 - The Fool: (also numbered 22 when needed, such as numerology with Tarot)

*FUBAR means F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition, it's a military term I learned when I was in the USMC Jr ROTC in high school, for when everything goes spectacularly wrong. PDF VERSION

The World (Card XXI) - Basic Meanings



The World, numbered XXI (that's twenty-one in roman numerals), indicates that you are at an ending of a chapter, moving on to the next chapter, the next book. Feeling on top of the world, celebrating connection. Integrating previous experiences and lessons learned. Knowing your worth. Circle of life, one eternal round, alpha and omega, A and Z, 0 to infinity. Support from the four corners of the Earth. 


If the World is in the obstacle position then it indicates that you may be having trouble integrating what you have learned and experienced. It could also indicate that you feel you know better than others and using that to bully others, likely as a misguided attempt to be supportive. Disconnected from the infinite, afraid of coming down, unrealistic "can do" attitude. 


If the World is in the solution position it's a call to remember all that you have been through to get to where you are, and that where you are now is good. You're wiser, smarter, kinder. Every end has a new beginning. You choose how to end this chapter, and how to begin the next one. Trust your guides, trust yourself. Use the tools you have for the next jump. 

NOTE: Picture slot intentionally left blank. No pictures are used so that anyone using any Tarot deck, especially one using the Smith-Waite system (aka: Rider-Waite-Smith), can use these meanings.

Monday, October 3, 2022

Judgment (Card XX) - Basic Meanings


Judgement, numbered XX (that's twenty in Roman numerals), speaks to answering the call to resurrect  a part of yourself you had let go, bringing something back to life. Honor your ancestors, those who have come before. Remember the worth of your own soul; you are worthy because you exist. You have a purpose (or two or three) because you exist. Answer the calling(s) of your heart, mind, and body.


If Judgment is in the obstacle position then it indicates that you are stuck in the grit, in the productivity trap, where anything else sounds like noise to you and judged as less worthy. You've answered the false call to work yourself to death. Denying the lighted hearted wholesome parts of yourself, refusing aid. Dead soul walking. To get out of the death trap, talk to someone you trust. 


If Judgment is in the solution position it's time to rekindle your love affair with life. Pick up that paint brush again, start writing again, play music again, restore a car you love. It doesn't matter how long it's been, simply start, for the joy of it, to come alive again. Remember who you are and where you came from. Forgive (including yourself), but never forget; so you remember the lessons you've learned. 

NOTE: Picture spot intentionally left blank. The use of NO pictures is on purpose so that anyone using any Tarot deck can benefit from these meanings more easily; particularly those using the Smith-Waite system (aka: Rider Waite Smith, RWS).