Monday, October 3, 2022

Judgment (Card XX) - Basic Meanings


Judgement, numbered XX (that's twenty in Roman numerals), speaks to answering the call to resurrect  a part of yourself you had let go, bringing something back to life. Honor your ancestors, those who have come before. Remember the worth of your own soul; you are worthy because you exist. You have a purpose (or two or three) because you exist. Answer the calling(s) of your heart, mind, and body.


If Judgment is in the obstacle position then it indicates that you are stuck in the grit, in the productivity trap, where anything else sounds like noise to you and judged as less worthy. You've answered the false call to work yourself to death. Denying the lighted hearted wholesome parts of yourself, refusing aid. Dead soul walking. To get out of the death trap, talk to someone you trust. 


If Judgment is in the solution position it's time to rekindle your love affair with life. Pick up that paint brush again, start writing again, play music again, restore a car you love. It doesn't matter how long it's been, simply start, for the joy of it, to come alive again. Remember who you are and where you came from. Forgive (including yourself), but never forget; so you remember the lessons you've learned. 

NOTE: Picture spot intentionally left blank. The use of NO pictures is on purpose so that anyone using any Tarot deck can benefit from these meanings more easily; particularly those using the Smith-Waite system (aka: Rider Waite Smith, RWS). 

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