Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Major Arcana Cheat Sheet

 The suit of Spirit. The bigger life lessons. These typically carry more weight, more depth, and typically have a more lasting impact in a reading. 

     0. 0 - The Fool: A beginning, adventure, risk

  1. I - The Magician: Mise en place, resources 

  2. II - The High Priestess: wisdom, discernment

  3. III - The Empress: community, outreach

  4. IV - The Emperor: structure, logistics

  5. V - The Hierophant: teaching, tradition

  6. VI - The Lovers: union (both platonic and romantic), passion

  7. VII - The Chariot: dignity, movement, alignment

  8. VIII - Strength: will, gentle persuasion

  9. IX - The Hermit: sacred solitude, vibing with nature

  10. X - The Wheel of Fortune: ups and downs, roll with the punches

  11. XI - Justice: law and order, honor, fairness

  12. XII - The Hanged Man: new perspective, staying still, discomfort  

  13. XIII - Death: change, transformation

  14. XIV - Temperance: even tempered, blending opposites

  15. XV - The Devil: sensuality, stuck/trapped, addiction

  16. XVI - The Tower: shock, FUBAR*, sudden change

  17. XVII - The Star: hope, relief

  18. XVIII - The Moon: reflection, shadow self, illusion

  19. XIX - The Sun: happiness, things are looking up, inner child

  20. XX - Judgment: answering the call, resurrection

  21. XXI - The World: integration, an ending

  22. 0 - The Fool: (also numbered 22 when needed, such as numerology with Tarot)

*FUBAR means F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition, it's a military term I learned when I was in the USMC Jr ROTC in high school, for when everything goes spectacularly wrong. PDF VERSION

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