Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Hierophant and Me

I wrote this post about wanting to be a Mormon Bishop as a kid and learning nope, I can't because you gotta have the Priesthood and women don't get that.

I then shared it in a couple FB groups.
Afterward, I realized I hadn't done my daily Tarot card reading, a "what do I need to keep in mind for the day" type reading. I pulled the 3 of Cups from the Modern Witch Tarot deck.

So there I was grieving my heart out about  that loss today,  wondering how I was gonna be able to deal with anatomy and physiology class, and I get the reminder to celebrate life, good friends, my tribe, my loved ones. Then a friend saw me on her way to class and we got to reconnect a little and it was wonderful! I felt so much better.

But you know, upon further reflection it's interesting that I was basically feeling called to pastoral care because both my Soul and my Personality card is the Hierophant (as described in Mary Greer's Tarot for Yourself, love that book). Not only that, but I went and found all of the year cards for myself, from birth onward using the method described in the aforementioned book.

Using that method, the year I was born my year card was The Hierophant!

And my Hidden Factor (aka: shadow, teacher) card? Temperance, and you gotta have lots of it in order to do pastoralship correctly, so you don't get put on a pedestal, so I don't start thinking that I ought to have power over people, because to me, that's not what this is about.

To me, I believe Jesus was correct, that the Master is the Servant, because in order to lead you have to know the people you lead, to know their dreams and where they are at so you can act for their highest good. It's not about "power over" but about "power with". It's not me sitting up on a throne above the people, but sitting in a circle with the people. It's not just me talking and preaching, it's me listening to their hearts, bodies, minds, and souls; holding them in absolute positive regard (thank you to researcher Carl Rogers for that phrasing).

It's about love. If anything, being a Hierophant isn't about making people follow strict rules, and putting people in categories that inhibit them. Being a Hierophant is about giving people the  opportunity to become their own personal prophet, seer, and revelator in their personal lives. What's best for me will not be best for you. Most people can eat vinegar, but I can't. It gives me migraines. Other people can't eat peanuts, but I can. It's like that. Finding your own personal word of wisdom, your own personal connection to the Divine, to God; Heavenly Mother, Heavenly Father, Heavenly Parent. We all have the Divine Right and the Divine Opportunity as children of All That Is, to have access to Divinity, to heal and to live in love and light as is appropriate for you. Not everyone will be called  to do the same things in life, but we can all still follow the path off healing and  love.

As the one organizing and teaching, I don't see myself as above my students. I'm not. If anything, I am "premus inter pares," first among equals. Equal  being the operative word. We are equal under the powers of heaven and earth.

My Soul Vow is, "I accept all things for the preservation, healing, and growing of love, come what may." To accept is to do all that is within my power to do this, and it is my Heart's desire to do so.  I can never be a Bishop in Mormonism, but I can still do good pastoral style work through Tarot, Energy Work, and Therapeutic Massage. This is why I focus on the body, mind, and spirit; head, hand, and heart.

I love you. The Divine in me sees the Divine in you.
Ruth ~ Lady of Radiant Joy