Sunday, August 28, 2022

The Sun (Card XIX) - Basic Meanings



Yes, life is good again, all is groovy. The Sun, numbered XIX (that's nineteen in Roman numerals), is all about the sunnier happier side of life. The simple joys. Riding in wagons, wholesome fun, running in the grass barefoot, dogs on a beach, cats in the windows. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a good day to make new friends and keep the old. Play, enjoy your responsibilities, enjoy your down time. 


If the Sun is in the obstacle position that tends to indicate TOXIC POSITIVITY BABY. Trying too hard to see the bright side of things that you don't see reality in front of you. No, that person really is a jerk face and can't be trusted. No, that really did suck and you didn't really deserve that. Sometimes it can mean refusing to see the good things too, but if nothing matters then everything matters. 


If the Sun is in the solution position then it's likely telling you to quit being a negative nelly. Look at the bright side. Even if you believe "life is pain" enjoy smelling a rose, listen to your favorite music, laugh at comedy. Something terrible may have happened, but the positive side is when people react it by during their part in doing right. Remember all of your blessings, it makes the trials go down easier. 

NOTE: Picture slot intentionally left blank. NO pics used on purpose so that anyone using any deck, especially ones based on the Smith-Waite system, can relate to the meanings more easily. 

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