Saturday, August 27, 2022

The Moon (Card XVIII) - Basic Meanings



The great cyclic bridge between night and day. The Moon, numbered XVIII (that's eighteen in Roman numerals), speaks to illusion and shifting forms. Facing your shadow self, the parts of yourself that don't live up to your own principles. Look up at the "inkblot" of the Moon to hopefully see beyond what is traditionally seen in the moon; a face, rabbit, frog, Hebrew letters, koi fish, or something else?


If The Moon is in the obstacle position then it indicates a stubbornness to hold onto an illusion, or belief that all things labelled "dark" are bad or evil. A refusal to look at yourself honestly. A refusal to look at someone else or a situation honestly. Believing that the distorted long shadows are more real than the "thing" that's casting the shadow. Look at your fears under the sun in the twilight hours.


When the Moon is in the Solution position it's time to look at all viewpoints, and to  discern your own motives and desires. Take note of the turns being made to hide what's private while still revealing the truth in conversation. Also, remember, at times the moon can be seen while the sun is up. It's okay to do moon work during the day, especially at these times. Moonlight is sunlight kissing the night sky. 

NOTE: photo slot intentionally left blank. NO pics are used so that these meanings can apply to any Tarot deck using the Smith-Waite system (aka: Rider Waite Smith, RWS).

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