Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Star (Card XVII) - Basic Meanings



In the skyrise of the dark night of the soul, there is hope. The Star, numbered XVII (that's seventeen in Roman numerals) reminds us of the hope we feel when we look up at the stars, when we have our feet firmly planted, feeling the Earth beneath them. The Star tells us that somehow, in someway, things will be good again, and right now, despite the hardships, you can feel the wonder and awe of being alive. 


If the Star is in the obstacle position can indicate feeling completely jaded, apathetic and hopeless, or, pinning all your hopes and dreams on one thing or one person. Neither are healthy. One is a bleak way of living and the other is counterfeit hope, like is being caught in a cycle of abuse under the pretense of the perpetrator changing. Look up, and dream something new, something different. 


If the Star is in the solution position then you need to keep hope in front of you, constantly, in any way you can. Find the golden thread, the iron banister, the healing stone, whatever connects you to the groundedness and reality of hope. Somehow in all the messiness of life there is so much beauty to be found and so many beautiful ways to ease suffering. 

NOTE: Picture slot intentionally left blank. I'm NOT using pics so that the meanings can be more easily applied to any Tarot deck, particularly those based on the Smith-Waite system (aka: Rider Waite Smith, RWS). 

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