Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The Wheel of Fortune (Card X) - Basic Meanings



The Wheel of Fortune (aka: The Wheel), numbered X (this is ten in Roman numerals), is the card about the ups and downs of life; the cycles in the flow of life. You have to know the bitter in order to know the sweet. Yet this too shall pass, sorrow will turn to joy. The push and pull of unity and separation, the wheel turns, the circle of life. 


When the Wheel of Fortune is in the obstacle position, it indicates a resistance to allowing contrast in your life; trying to turn back time.  Also, letting things happen to you instead of taking part in your own life. Counterfeit go with the flow, refusing to be your own person and make your own decisions; letting others choose for you as your default. Stagnation.


If The Wheel of Fortune is in the solution position, It's time to roll with the punches baby! Dance to the beat, fast and slow, breathe deeply in the pauses. Find the humor and wonder in it all to stay afloat. Gratitude for the cycles of existence. Acceptance of the impermanence of everything, except for change. Trust the process. 

NOTE: Picture slot intentionally left blank. Using NO pictures is on purpose so that these meanings can be more easily applied to any Tarot deck using the Smith-Waite system, aka: Rider-Waite Smith (RWS). 

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