Monday, August 15, 2022

The Tower (Card XVI) - Basic Meanings



The rude awakening. The Tower, numbered XIV (that's sixteen in Roman numerals), is like a punch to the gut, a boot to the head, horror and dread. Your shelf broke, no wait, the whole bookcase, no wait, the whole house, holy hell, and you're thrown for a loop and wonder how you are going to land. You're blown away, but, always the dust settles. Always you come back to center, to ground, as you process it all. 


If the Tower is in the obstacle position, this is you processing it all but instead of making some changes for the better, you're like NOPE, Imma go ahead and do the SAME thing I was doing before. So you rebuild the same faulty house, with the same faulty foundation. But eventually, you will be blown away again by the excrement hitting the fan and it all comes crumbling down again, until you take your lessons to heart. 


If the Tower is in the solution position, it's time to SHAKE THINGS UP. Yeah, sometimes, YOU are the tower moment in someone's life, laying out the truth as fairly and kindly as possible, but holy moly, sweet Jesus that still hurts. Embrace the whirlwind. Ride it out. Even if it's your world that crumbled, there's always beauty in the breakdown, and a touch of humor as well. 

NOTE: Picture section intentionally left blank. No pictures are used on purpose so that anyone using any Tarot deck, particularly the Smith-Waite system (aka: Rider Waite Smith, RWS), can use these meanings for their cards. 

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