Monday, February 1, 2021

The Russian Doll, Nesting Doll, Style of Reading Tarot

In my Tarot classes I always describe what I do, but apparently it wasn't clear until I showed my personal planner. 

I "Russian Doll" my readings.
If you aren't familiar with Russian dolls they are also called "Nesting Dolls" and "Matryoshka Dolls". Traditionally they are shown with a woman in a bonnet and it's the same woman getting smaller and smaller.

Here is an image of an owl version where you can see how they get smaller, but each smaller one goes inside the bigger one.

I just purchased this set from:

 This is how I do my personal readings. That big owl on the left is the Year reading. The owl next to it is the Month Reading. The middle owl is the Weekly Reading. The owl after that is the Daily Reading. And then last but not least is the little owl that's a reading about a specific issue or event that may come up. 

The Year Reading encompasses the  Monthly Reading which encompasses the Weekly Reading, which encompasses the Daily Reading which encompasses the specific reading. 

Another way to look at is from the top down. Like so. 

You can see how each one is embraced. Sure, some specific readings may be an ongoing issue, but it is still encompassed by the other Readings and it's only the Daily card that changes. 

Below is an example of how I do my readings. My Year Reading was The Sun (19), and so I kept that in mind as I did my Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Reading. This method is also a FANTASTIC way to get to know your cards. 

I am not at all perfect at it, as you can see with this example, I left out one day and I didn't always write down more than what cards were drawn. I also include what deck I used as well. You can also see that I switch up the kind of daily reading that I do, and that I also do an expanded monthly reading

This method works for me. It helps me stay grounded and focused. And often gives me much needed reminders of things that need to be kept in mind. 
It's okay to take breaks, especially when you feel angry or frustrated with the cards, to come back later, or to only do parts of this. I especially have to come back later when I'm angry because I'm not in a place to receive the message!

The point is that it's supposed to be helpful to you, not a chore to be done. I have to remember sometimes, that it's not a chore but a chance to actually to PLAY with my cards! And not beat myself when I'm perfect. 

If you have questions feel free to contact me or to leave a comment. Feel free to share what worked for you and what didn't too! Always interested. :)

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