Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Power of 1-card, 2-card, and 3-card spreads

Sometimes less is more. After all, if spreads are consistently are too complex and take up too much time they become inaccessible, especially under the demands of our world today. Then we don't use the cards and reap nothing because we sowed nothing.

No thanks. Short is good. Quick is good. And all of these little spreads can be expanded as needed! Sometimes using one card to ask an initial question and then after interpreting, doing another one card reading to answer a follow up question is the most efficient way to do things so you may end up with a larger spread at the end, but you built it all off that first one, piece by piece as needed.

Spreads that are created for Tarot cards can be used for oracle cards. Spreads created for oracle cards can be used for Tarot cards. My focus is using Tarot card examples since I use Tarot the most. However I  do not go into extended explanations for the meaning of each card in the example, only what's relevant to my experience with the cards using these spreads. All examples are real personal examples.

So, grab your favorite deck and give these babies a try.

List of 1-card spreads:
List of 2-card spreads:
List of 3-card spreads:

These lists aren't comprehensive. Try out others'! Make up your own!

Have fun! Play with the cards! Humor is helpful, even when things are serious. ^_^

All blessings bright and beautiful.
Ruth ~ Lady of Radiant Joy :)

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