1 Card Spreads


1: What archetype am I playing out right now?
You can also add more specifics such as "What archetype am I playing out right now in my life" or in this situation/at work/as a parent/in this relationship/etc.) But only one at a time. ;)

So, if you are playing out the savior complex are doing so in a healthy way or an effective way? This could be seen with the Hanged Man in the Tarot, for example.  If you are playing out the diligent worker how is that working out for you? Did you get 8 of Pentacles reversed? If so maybe you are working   your nose to the grind stone but not getting anywhere.


Card of the Day! 
There are options with this one.
1: What is the theme for the day today?
1: What do I need to keep in mind today?
1: What action is required/best for me to do this day?

The middle one is my favorite, and I use it not just for the day but before teaching, or meeting someone, especially when I'm a little worried about it. Soooo useful. Asking what I need to keep in mind for the day or for a specific situation has saved me from putting my foot in my mouth so many times. 

These card of the days, particularly the first two, can be done at the beginning, or end of the day. The middle is okay too, but you have to set your intent about the rest of the day. The beginning of the day sets the tone for the whole day and can help more with action oriented approaches for the day. At the end of the day it can help more with reflecting and meditating on the day.


1: What do I need to know right now?

This one is also a favorite of mine. It's good for a quick spiritual and emotional insight, at any time. I have busted it out while feeling very frustrated with things, or when I'm not sure what it is that I'm missing. Sometimes this feels like a boot to the head, and sometimes it's a sweet reminder to be gentle with myself. 

It's also nice because sometimes it's just really comforting to know that the universe/God/Goddess/Divine is listening/helping, and you can see that in a concrete way with the cards.

What is also nice about one card readings like this is that it's so easy to do a quick shuffle and draw while in the car between errands if you suddenly feel like you need a quick insight. Just shuffle shuffle shuffle with internet of the card you need being at taken directly from the top (or the bottom), turn over and boom. Done. Concrete, getting out of your head, insight. 


1: Make up your own!  

Just last night I did a single card pull in bed while I was RICEing my knees and generally having a bad time. I asked "Why is it so hard to change?" I pulled card 12 from the Dreams of Gaia Tarot which is titled Love. Basically, it came down to honoring who I really am, and expressing more Love. So it's not that I need to change myself, it's that I need to allow the Love that is me to shine through. Now I'm thinking of these tealight glass candle holders I have that I thought about giving away, but I ran them through the dishwasher and suddenly they were beautiful again and I kept them. Time for a scrub in the Dishwasher of the Soul? Hahaha!

I hope you find these spreads helpful to you. 

All blessings bright and beautiful,
Ruth ~ Lady of Radiant Joy

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