2 Card Spreads

I actually do not use two card spreads very often.

When I do, it's usually like me doing a 1-card pull but having another card added for a little more depth or info if it feels right to add it. Or, more often, it's not an intended 2-card pull but I get a card that jumps out that is meant to be a part of the reading as a card influencing the card I draw.

Or, if I do a single card pull like, "What do I need to keep in mind today?" and I get the Tower and I'm like, uhhhhh. . . oh okay, so some shiznit is gonna go down, halp pls, so I pull a handy dandy clarifier card, and if I get the Devil I'm like, oh dayum, okay, so I gotta keep runnin' clear energy today or it's gonna be bad, no hooks or chains for me. Zen Mode so other people's crap don't mess with me and so whatever it is that goes down won't have me going back to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Got it. 

Not that this has ever happend. *coughcoughtotallyhascough*

However, here is one that my sister, Laura-Denise, uses.

1[] 2[]

Action Steps!
1: Next step
2: What's needed for the next step.

This one is really great for projects at work, school, or personal goals. You may even want to try it out using only the minor arcana cards.

It's really good for when you are breaking things down into bite sized pieces.

Also, this one, which is a bit embarrassing, that I wasn't going to share, but I'm being guided to so here we go...

1[] 2[]

Frustrated with the Self!
1: Why am I so dumb?
2: What can I do to not be so dumb?

I was dealing with a particular issue, handling the emotional load in an unhealthy way, and feeling really fed up with myself. I don't recall the cards I pulled, but I do remember the answer was, because (1) I wasn't making time for self-care  and (2) make time for self-care, like meditate with the cat. I remember the answer because I felt a bit salty and childish over the answer, but I did meditate with Toulouse, finally, which made us both feel better, and as I returned to that daily basic routine I started handling the issue in a more healthy way.  

Honestly though, I think the reason why I felt impressed to share this is that sometimes, even with imperfect questions we can still get the answers that we need. At least enough to give us a starting point. 

All blessings bright and beautiful,
Ruth ~ Lady of Radiant Joy :)

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