5-card spreads

1[] 2[] 3[] 4[] 5[]

The Four Cardinal Directions and Me Spread

1: North
2: South
3: East
4: West
5: You

I use this spread as a theme spread for the month or the week, though you can use it for anything that feels right to you. I have used this spread as an expanded, "what do I need to keep in mind?" People have their own associations with the cardinal directions in regards to the elements. However, for our purposes you can think of these things as what's present for you in the moment surrounding you, or with this situation (whatever "this" is in your life), or will be present in the week/month. You can see an example of my march month using this spread on my instagram using the Morrigan oracle.

1[] 2[] 3[] 4[] 5[]

The Five Western Elements

1: Fire
2: Water
3: Earth
4: Air
5: Spirit

I tend to order these in relation to their opposites, so fire and water first, and then earth and air, ending with spirit that is in all things and through all things. However, other people prefer to order them by density, from the most dense to the least dense or vise versa. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Spirit. It doesn't really matter. What does matter is that all of these elements are at play in our lives. 

There are a couple ways you can do this. What I normally do is shuffle the deck as normal and lay out the cards. I personally always find it interesting when cups is in the fire element place, etc. Other people like to separate out the major arcana from the minor arcana, and then to separate out the different suits, so for the fire's place you would shuffle only the wands and pull out wands, for water with cups, earth with pentacles, air with swords, and spirit with major arcana. Both methods have their merits and are useful. 

I really like using this spread. It helps me know where I'm doing well and where I need a little support. 

1[] 2[] 3[] 4[] 5[]

Here is another variant of past, present, future. 

1: Past
2: Present
3: Future
4: Conscious self
>5: Sub/un-conscious self

So we know what past, present, future is, now it's about what's in our awareness. What is in our conscious self, our conscious mind. Now what's something we aren't aware of that is at play? Sometimes it can be that you are coming from a place of ego, and other times it's not seeing how supported you really are, etc. This is really helpful because you are having all these experiences, but it doesn't mean we are seeing ourselves super clearly and this can help bring that to the forefront.

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