6-card Spreads

My absolute favorite 6-card spread was created by Interrobang Tarot.
The WTF Tarot spread.
It is brilliant!
And so dang useful. Behold the glory! 

One that that appears to confuse people is card one and two. The first card is "the face of my challenge?" what it is that you are dealing with. Then you put the second card sideways "the crux of what hounds me" as in what's really bothering you about this.

The first time I used it I was dealing with my paternal grandparent on the paternal side. The man was a child molester, totally unrepentant all the way to the end of his life, and his spirit started hanging around me, asking me to work with him to help him. I was like WTF is this!?

When I used this spread suddenly it was clear. His spirit was STILL unrepentant and what he wanted to do was to hook into my energy and have me play the savior role in an unhealthy way so he could have my energy. There was no intent to heal or to make amends, nothing. So there was essentially no one to save since he just wanted to feed off me. Ew. Gross. I feel nasty just thinking about it.

However, once I knew what was up, I banished him right quick and he hasn't been a problem since. When he is ready to heal someone else, like an archangel or something can deal with him. There is too much bad blood for his descendants to be able to do anything for him.

I suppose this is a bit of a heavy story. You don't have to use this spread just for the heavy things. After that experience I started using this spread for all sorts of things, from school life to work life to personal life.

If you memorize the spread and want to use it with someone who isn't into the f-bombs I highly recommend flipping to fake swears, What the Actual Flip ! ?

Okay, next up is the comparing two aspects of your life spread:
1[] 2[] 3[]
4[] 5[] 6[]

This is a spread that I created as a sort of story board to compare two aspects of someone's life. I made it up on the fly for a woman who had a question about her personal life and her love life. I had a feeling that the two were related. 

First row: Personal life
1: What's missing
2: What's needs to be done?
3: What you want

Second row: Love life
4: What's missing
5: What needs to be done?
6: What you want

I lay the cards out in this way, but then I tend to read it backwards, starting from 3 to 6, back to 2, to 5, and then 1 to 4. Then I would reread it forward 1-3 and then 4-6, with what needs to be done being the bridge to bringing in what's missing and bridging into be able to be more successful at bringing in what you want.  

Looking at the connections between the columns can be very insightful. Sometimes there will be a lot of overlap, and other times there will end up being a bit of a disconnect or a lack of balance. 

You can use this spread to compare work life and love life, personal life and work life, parent life and personal life, etc etc. Basically it's looking at the different major roles or aspects of your life and how they relate to one another. 

I don't use it often, but sometimes it's exactly what's needed. This is a very fluid spread, so mess with it all you want to make it fit whatever you need!

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