Cho Ku Rei (CKR)

I use the Tibetan symbol exclusively now. For me it flows. So I prefer it.
It's like the Cho Ku Rei but it goes deeper, and you use it to pass attunements. 
To me Dai Ko Myo feels like a loud deep gong, resonant and full, whereas Cho Ku Rei feels more like a singing bowl you hold in your hand, and when it rings it gives you pleasant chills. Remember these are metaphors to try to describe something that is experienced on an energetic and visceral level. 

Dai Ko Myo is like providing that extra grounding OOMPH. 

From Diane Stein's book

I will admit here, that during an attunement I draw two of these, mirror imaging each other in the palms of your hands, just like how thumb touches thumb, etc. Done with the left hand at the same time as the way around with the right hand during attunments. 

Like so:

Dai Ko Myo - Mirror Image
At times I will draw the spiral starting at the top instead of the center, and I do the same with the second stroke. The last two strokes are the same. You choose what's feels best for you. I do both it just depends on what feels right in the moment, and usually my hands make the choice before I even consciously make the choice! I choose to trust that, and to trust my guides to patch up an errors on my part in symbol creation.

Like so:

And here are a couple examples of the traditional version. Feel free to learn this if you feel called to.
From Diane Stein's book

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