Connections and Associations I Have Made

A couple things I have noticed that may be points of interests to you. 

Raku is present in both the Violet Flame (twice in quick succession) and in the Tibetan version of the DKM.

The spiral in the Violet Flame, in DKM, and in the CKR, all remind me of the Goddess spiral, and the Trinity spiral. As though they are all related to each other. 

Here is the triple spiral:
Triple spiral - Celtic symbol | Celtic symbols, Celtic mother ...
A single one would be a Goddess spiral

Celtic Knot Tattoo Symbolism (With images) | Celtic knot tattoo
Another version of the spiral
This one reminds me of vines which makes me think of life
And Reiki is the Universal Life-Force Energy

These spirals can also be facing the other direction, mirror image. 

I drew the gold rose on your Reiki certificates starting with a goddess spiral, and thus having the spiral of the Reiki healing embedded in the symbol. 

If you have a thought or a question please leave a comment! I'm always looking to improve my work, and update these pages as a result. :)

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