Hand Positions

These hand positions are guidelines. Trust your intuition! If you feel you need to do it differently, then do it differently! The Reiki knows where to go, so let your hands follow.

Also, do what's right for your body. If you have a hard time with doing a position exactly as illustrated then just shift it, trusting that Reiki will go where it needs to go.

Some people prefer pour in a lot of Reiki all at once, like a water fall or turning on the faucet full blast. Other people prefer to ramp it up slowly, and then slowly ease it off. Each person is different and the people you work on will be different. 

When working on someone else it's okay to just open up the channels all the way since they are the ones who will be drawing in the Reiki, they will slow it down if they need to. This means it's best for you to learn how to draw in a lot of energy just for yourself! 

So when you do self-Reiki let it rush on in! This is the time to be "greedy" because Reiki is infinite, there's no way you can take too much. There's plenty for everyone. The more you receive the more you empower others to receive when you give them Reiki. 

If you know acupressure points feel free to combine Reiki with the accupressure! 

For Self-Reiki:

For treating others with Reiki (others-Reiki?):

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