How to Give Someone Attunements

This attunement method is a modified version of what Diane Stein wrote. It is the skeleton I follow. I originally learned Lisa Powers' method, which is also good and works, but I found that for me, using this method as a skeleton works best with my style of individualizing each attunement to the person I am attuning. This method works for all three levels of attunement. 

The Hui Yin position is optional, so is holding your breath. If you choose to use the Hui Yin method be sure your tongue is at the roof of your palate, where you place your tongue to make the sound the letter N makes. You can also use this as a placement for your tongue without the Hui Yin. Try out different methods. You may find that over time you prefer Hui Yin, or you may find it distracting. When you practice the attunements you can use the body map, or a teddy bear, as a model, and even use the body map or teddy bear as a proxy for YOU, so it will be you attuning yourself and getting the benefits of added healing with you practice. 

When you do this, the person you are attuning needs to be seated comfortably. Their hands can be on knees palms up, or in the prayer position at the heart chakra. They need to sit with back straight, but not over extended either. Be aware of the different physical needs of your students. Also be aware of the physical needs of yourself. Do put yourself in a position that makes your body hurt or uncomfortable. Anything that is described here, you can do without physically touching your student. 

Always ask permission to touch before touching someone physically. Simply ask, "Is physical touch okay with you during the attunement?" 
If you see hesitation simply say, "physical touch is not required, this is about your comfort level. It's your attunement."

This is important because you want everyone you teach to feel empowered. You aren't giving them Reiki. You are reminding their body, mind, and soul that they have this ability. If you need a reminder about the nature of what attunements are please reread the section on what an attunement is.

Be sure you are already grounded and have Reiki flowing through you and building up inside of you. The Hui Yin method helps some people with this. 

1. From Behind
  • Open the aura using Raku, downward or split style. 
    • Begin just above the head about six inches away from the back. 
  • Open the Crown. 
    • This can be done via a visualization, a hand movement, or a sound such as a gentle bell or a tone you sing, or combination.
    • My visualization over the crown is making a rose with my hands, opening the rose, and then creating a triangle.
    • You can also think of this as preparing the Crown, particularly if the Crown is already open. 
  • Trace Dai Ko Myo (DKM) over the Crown.
    • I like to do two at once, mirroring one another. 
  • Reach forward over the shoulders to take the student's hands, and blow into the Crown.
    • Only take the student's hands if they are comfortable with touch as this is the most physically intimate part of the attunement.
      • Also, only do this if they have their hands in prayer position at the Heart. In my experience to ask them to bring their hands up is awkward and distracts from the flow. 
      • You can also simply choose to only blow into the Crown. 
      • When I blow into the Crown it's like a gentle breeze from behind. 
  • (Optional) Take a deep breath and hold it, and maintain Hui Yin position.
  • Trace the other symbols over the Crown: Cho Ku Rei (CKR), Sei He Ki (SHK), Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (HSZSN). 
    • I often do mirror images
  • Take the hands again (optional, see above), blow into the Crown.
    • Sometimes I will also draw DKM again on the back, mirror image style like angel wings. 
  • (Optional) Take a deep breath and hold it, and maintain Hui Yin position
2. Move to the Front
  • Open the student's hands like a book. 
  • Trace CKR over both palms. 
    • I do this simultaneously on to both palms, drawing CKR mirror image style, with my left hand drawing on the student's right hand, and my right hand drawing the student's left hand. 
    • Tap 3 times into the palms.
  • Trace the SHK over both palms
    • Again I do this simultaneously, mirror image style
    • Tape 3 times into the palms. 
  • Trace the HSZSN over both palms
    • Again, both palms done simultaneously, mirror image style
    • Tap 3 times into the palms.
  • Trace the DKM over both palms.
    • And again, simultaneously, mirror image style
    • Tap 3 times into the palms. 
  • Fold the student's hands together and hold them between your palms, cradling them, for about three heartbeats. 
    • I often sing an intonation like a gong three times. 
  • Blow from Root to Heart, from Heart to Crown. 
    • I often include the Earthstar and Treestar chakras, with the intent that all energy systems within the body, mind, and spirit will be connected as well. This is important because some traditions believe that there are many more chakra systems, and that meridians and auras are different, so you want to be as inclusive and expansive as possible, while trusting your guides and their guides to ensure that your student's needs are met. 
    • I blow like a sweet gentle breeze. 
      • Practical note: be sure your breath doesn't smell bad. ;)
  • (Optional) Take a deep breath and hold it, maintaining Hui Yin. 
3. Return to the Back
  • Close the aura with the symbols inside it using Raku, upward or split style.
    • If doing it split style I still do a mirror image of the split style of Raku here at the end. I do this as a way of visualizing an energetic zipper opening and closing, as well as grounding the student in Reiki from the Heavens and Reiki from the Earth. 
  • (Optional) Release Hui Yin and the breath. 
  • Place hands on shoulders, if touch is allowed
  • Whisper, near to the ear so the person you are attuning can you hear you say, "You are now Attuned to Reiki [name the level], now and forever, and none can take it from you.  Amen." 
    • Sometimes I go back to the front to do this and do another gong intonation. 
    • Sometimes I do this after blowing the energy into the all the chakras in the second section.
And that's it. To do all three levels at once instead of closing the aura, you go back to step 1 with the crown and move through it again, twice, and then close the aura, naming all the levels. 

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