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Handy Dandy Spirit Animal Guides Update

Five spirit animal guides have been added this week! The Bluejoy, the Blue Sea Slug, and the Narwal. Also the Pyrosome and the Tardigrade!...


Garrulus glandarius 1 Luc Viatour.jpg
Image by I. Luc Viatour

Jay's Wisdom Includes:
  • Understanding how to use power wisely
  • Warning
  • Courage
  • Ability to check on future trouble spots

[Bluejay's Wisdom Includes:
  • All of Jay's wisdom above
  • Intelligence and problem solving
  • Hope in the dark of winter
  • Teamwork and cooperative building 
  • Discerning friend from foe
  • Combining elements
  • Honoring the songs that need to be sung
  • Discernment]
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