Oh snap, I messed up drawing the symbol! Halp!

Relax. The intent is what matters. These foci, are there to help YOU. Reiki energy itself doesn't need these symbols. We do, to help us sustain focus, and to remember what it is that we are doing, so we don't accidentally let our minds wander too much and start putting unintended energies somewhere.

Heck, when I draw CKR I tend to add an extra swirl or two! It's all good yo.

Besides, your Reiki guides will help you energetically shift the symbols as needed for the person you are working on. What if someone's energy needs a few extra swirls or double strokes? Sometimes the best thing to do is to allow your guides to make those adjustments so you can just focus on feeling the energy instead of getting too much into head. You need head hand and heart all in working together in a balanced way to be most effective.

Here is an example of my drawings of these symbols.

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