Safety and Protection for Yourself and Others

It is impossible to hurt someone with Reiki IF you are running pure Reiki and IF you stay out of judgment. You must be able to hold someone in absolute positive regard in order to do Reiki safely. 

If you cannot do those three things for any reason then you need to get yourself into what I call "the Zone" where you are in a neutral place able to receive whatever is needed  for yourself or others. You need to be receptive and to have that space. 

If you are having difficulty getting there via meditation, or three deep calming breaths, sometimes doing so Chi Gong will help, or three jumping jacks and some pinwheels. Listening to music that makes you feel like grass bending to the wind can help. Singing Reiki, or whatever is your equivalent of "whistle while you work" will do the job. 

It's not that hard, usually. Once in a while I will think I got it, I can set it all aside and be in the Zone and the moment I get a distracted the Zone is GONE. And well then I have to do it all over again, and get out of my head and into my body, but if I can't get in my body because it feels unsafe like I felt once after receiving some serious news, then sometimes the best thing to do is to postpone giving treatment. There is nothing wrong with that.

Now, as for Safety and Protection for self and others here are some common things people ask about

    Pregnancy - It is 100% safe to give pregnant women Reiki. The Reiki will go where it needs to go. Just let it flow and you are good to go. I have used Reiki on pregnant women and on fetuses with great success. The key is to go gentle. This is an instance where going the full bore torrential waterfall style of Reiki isn't a good idea. You want it to be a gentle clear running stream instead. Go gently. For you, it will feel feather light, almost as if you aren't doing anything, but it's perfect for the baby. You can also charge prenatal vitamins with Reiki. 

Also, stay out of judgment. If you think the mother is a deadbeat mom, or being dumb for having yet another baby, you may want to reconsider giving that person Reiki. People can tell when you are judging them. So get in The Zone of absolute positive regard and nonjudgment or refer them to someone who can. 

    ∞ Medical Devises - Many people say that Reiki can interrupt medical devises. However, that is only if you are thinking about Reiki in terms of the physical body only. When someone has a medical devise then that medical devise has become a part of the body. Even if that devise is there only temporarily, it's still at that time a part of hte body. If you think of the devise as part of the body as a whole and working WITH the body and sending Reiki to the entire body, including the medical devise then the Reiki will actually work with the medical devise. 
After all, what is a medical devise other than pieces of our Mother Earth changed to do a specific job for a child of hers? 

    Once you think of a medical devise an enemy or unnatural or as separate from the body is when you have the adverse effects, such as a pacemaker going haywire. 

    Know your personal limits. But also know that medical devises can be anything from an IUD, to a pacemaker, to pins left in after a bone was broken. So, I highly recommend ditching any judgments you may have against these modern medical wonders. 

Remember, you aren't working against, you are working with.

    ∞ Medications & Vaccines - Reiki works in HARMONY with medications and vaccines. The only time it doesn't is when someone sullies the Reiki by adding their judgments in any treatments. Judgments such as trying to make it so that someone won't need to be on a certain medication, or that being off all medications makes someone "clean" implying that they are dirty as they are. 

    In fact, you can actually charge all medications, supplements, and vaccines with Reiki so that only the beneficial aspects of these medications, supplements, vaccines, etc, are felt. I personally do this and have found that the meds work so much better. Reiki also makes it easier to tell which meds are good for me and which aren't. I can feel it which helps inform my choices. 

    Some people may have the experience of no longer needing certain medications, or needing to reduce their dosage after Reiki. This is wonderful! For others negative side effects go away, or the body is able to better utilize the medication. The important thing here is to stay out of judgment. 

    It's also very important that you talk to your doctor about receiving Reiki so that if any changes happen that require medication adjustments you can already have the bug in their ear about it. 

Remember, you aren't working against, you are working with.

    ∞ Western/Modern Medicine - More and more Modern Medicine is using Reiki as part of the healing process. Some wonderful articles have been written on this subject. Below each article is the same article in PDF format in case any of the direct links stop working. 
And then there's the Reiki Research Center, for more resources. More and more the we are discovering the good that Reiki does, reducing hospital stays, decreasing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, bones to heal faster etc. 

Remember, you aren't working against, you are working with.

    ∞ Dealing with entities and spirits  - I am actually creating an entire section on psychic protection on my website but when it comes to Reiki, if you are in The Zone, then any entities and spirits who shouldn't be around won't be able to tolerate being near you. If you come upon a client who has one following them around it might feel strange to your client to not have that entity near them, especially if they are attached. Sometimes you will need to end a session early due to the comfort of who you are working with. 
Always begin Reiki by being grounded. You can always ask your Reiki guides, or the angels to keep the space clean and clear for you to make it easier for you to get into The Zone. 

If you are particularly worried I recommend doing self-Reiki before giving someone else Reiki. You can also Reiki the room you are in, the table, the water you drink, anything you may have in a diffuser,  and anything and everything in the room, including the walls, the door, the foyer, the decorations. Everything. You can always ask your Reiki guides for help on this. You can also ground everything deep into the Earth, with the heavier Reiki that comes from the Earth as well so you can bridge heaven and earth together to create a space of safety and peace before doing any Reiki. 

    Trust your intuition on how much to use, where, how, and when. Especially if you are doing this in your personal home that you share with other people. 

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