The Difference Between Reiki Levels

The Difference Between Reiki "Levels" has to do with focus. 

The first level is giving yourself permission and acceptance to use Reiki, and to use it on yourself and loved ones. You learn the hand positions (general) and with practice how to listen to your hands. 

The second level is being more specific with your focus,  and giving yourself permission to have the faith and trust needed to do Reiki over distance and across all time and space. You learn three main Reiki symbols to use as foci. 

The third level is giving yourself permission and acceptance to attune others to Reiki, and you learn the Master symbols used for this process.

Fundamentally no level is greater than the other, and the only reason why the levels are split up is because for some people being attuned all at once at full power is too much. Same with learning all of the symbols. Most people do better learning and doing in smaller chunks. And it also gives time to practice what you learned before moving on. 

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