The Reiki Attunement Experience - Preparation

The three "very complicated" steps for preparing for your attunement.

Be somewhere comfy.
Sit or stand or lay down comfortably. 
Wear comfy clothes. 

And now some practical ways to make that happen for you.

Don't force yourself to sit in an uncomfortable "proper" position, even when you are at an in-person class! Don't force yourself to hold your pee either. It's okay to use the bathroom first! The waiting just provides extra time for everyone else to meditate with Reiki. 

Don't sweat the small stuff. 

You simply want to be in a receptive state, but you also do NOT want to be high or drunk, nor hungover, nor strung out from a bad trip either. If you take cannabis for pain management, please continue to do so as needed. Please continue to take your prescription meds. Do NOT make yourself suffer or do anything medically unwise for Reiki. That is not needed. Reiki will meet you where you are at! 

You simply wanna be relaxed and chill but it's also okay to feel a little giddy with excitement and anticipation.  

Some people feel it's best for them to have eaten only lightly or to fast or to avoid meat. However, please feel free to you eat your normal diet; though you probably don't wanna be in a food coma. You wanna be relaxed and grounded, whatever helps you with that is good.

Some people say don't eat anything with lots of sugar, but if you eat something sweet you enjoy, then that's chill too. After all, banana with honey is lots sugar, but it's good for you anyway! 

Do drink plenty of water/fluids, but probably not until you slosh. You just don't wanna be thirsty since that's not very comfortable in the mouth!

Many people find that not wearing any jewelry is helpful. However,  feel free to wear jewelry, especially if it makes you smile and sparks joy. As a Reiki Master, if I notice that maybe some jewelry is a bit energetically dirty I can simply run Reiki on the jewelry to clear it up, no problem. So please feel free to wear your wedding ring, and protection charms, good luck charms etc. 

What you don't need is that anxious energy about preparing perfectly. You simply need to be open and receptive, and whatever you feel helps YOU with that is good. 

Do you notice a pattern here? 
You want to be as comfortable and chill as possible. 
Does it require perfection? Nope. 

If you are at home receiving an attunement be sure to have your kids occupied with something, but if they interrupt that's okay, because the Reiki will keep going. My pets often interrupt me when I'm doing self-Reiki, and that's okay. Reiki flows anyway. 

Therefore, if any interruptions happen, or any thoughts that you don't like flash across your mind, no worries, the attunement is still happening. If anything, all that interrupting  is simply a lesson that no matter what is going on, Reiki is always there for you to access.

When I give an attunement I often sing during the attunement and each attunement follows the same basic structure but is individualized because I feel very strongly that this is me helping YOU remember that YOU have this power within and without you.  

Everyone's inner experience of receiving an attunement will be different, and it will be exactly what you need it to be, even when it feels like "nothing" happened - let faith hope and trust carry you through.  

As always please feel free to comment or ask me any questions.  

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