The Still Points

While these two acupressure point are not traditionally taught with Reiki I have found them very useful while performing Reiki. 

The first is Urinary Bladder 10. 
This helps to relax and align the energy. Sometimes the person you are working on will want to shift their body a little which actually helps with that alignment. This is right at the base of the skill on both sides. 

Be sure to cradle the head so the person on the table feels free to just relax into it instead of having to hold their head up. 

BL-10 is where it's at, do this bilaterally, is in, on both sides of the midline simultaneously.

The second is Kidney 1. I have found this to be very helpful with grounding someone's energy. Sometimes I am guided to start here first.

When you point your foot to the ground where the ball of your foot curves is the spot you are looking for.

Do this on both feet, either one at at time, or simultaneously (my personal preference). 
For both of these you want to apply the pressure gently at first. You will know you hit the right spot at the right pressure when the person you are working on has a small quick intake of breath and then relaxes. If they don't relax ask the person if the pressure is okay.  A lot of people won't tell you if it's too much. When they say it's too much ease up, if they say the pressure is fine, then adjust your finger placement. 

Note on images, the first one is from Diane Stein's book
The last two are from an Acupuncture Points book

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