Thursday, April 16, 2020

My Alternative HSZSN

I am going to be honest. This post is a little nerve wracking. I always feel a little nervous talking about this since the experience is so personal. 

In autumn of 2015 I was in a very deep meditation, sitting on my bed, feeling the torrential waterfall of energy wash over me and through me. It was intense, to say the least. I had also been going through a series of healings from different modalities for a few years. Doing my best to use all the spiritual power, faith, and trust, that I had to heal. 

During this meditation my spirit guides guided me through the experience until it culminated into the torrential waterfall. Then, it began to slowly recede. I was like a sponge, filled to capacity, water spilling out of me. Then, my third eye burned at my forehead, and I saw this symbol appear in front of my darkened vision. When I opened my eyes I could still the vague outline of the symbol. When I closed my eyes, it was still there; clean, perfect, filled with energy and power. But beyond that I didn't know what it meant. 

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (HSZSN )
Transcending across all time and space;
within the vessel, the "bulb" or "comet" is the energy that is needed.
This version more closely matches the energy of our modern times.
(Similar to how the Tibetan symbol for the Reiki Master symbol, Dai Ko Myo, does.)

I also heard words blossoming in my mind. "You are now attuned to Reiki." Wait. What? I was shocked! I had heard of Reiki, but didn't know much about it. I looked up Reiki symbols, this wasn't among them. I tried looking up this symbol on its own on the internet, and could not find it. It just wasn't happening, despite my best efforts. I still felt clueless about the symbol.

At some point I decided to join a Reiki FB group. I was asked by who attuned me and I said my spirit guides, and was told that self-attunements don't count and I wasn't attuned to Reiki like I thought I was. 

This spurred me to look for an affordable Reiki class, and I found Lisa Powers. The timing and price was perfect for where I was at in my life! 

I still had no idea about this symbol, but I just trusted that I needed to learn Reiki from a Reiki Master anyway so I could have my own Reiki lineage on paper so other Reiki Masters could accept me. 

When Lisa got to the part explaining about HSZSN, about how it transcends time and space, about how you can use it to heal the past, the future, to store up the energy needed for a later time, etc etc, and suddenly bells started ringing in my mind and the symbol above came into my mind again, in the vision of my third eye. 

Holy crap! It's Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen! That's what that symbol means! 
I could feel the truth of it vibrating my body.

Later I realized I was given a different symbol than one of the more traditional symbols because we needed a HSZSN symbol that more closely matched the energy of the world we live in. It's also simpler and makes the energy of HSZSN more accessible. 

I invite you to use it, but if you don't feel like it's for you, then don't worry about it, use one of the more traditional methods. Some Reiki practitioners, particularly the purists, won't like this symbol, so it's good to at least be familiar with the traditional, but ultimately, trust your own intuition and your own Reiki Guides. 

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