Friday, April 24, 2020

Songs of Protection

Here are two songs that I made up and use for protection of self and home. I was inspired to share them again for a friend to have easy access. It's under my old YouTube account. I don't use "charity healing" anymore, but I decided to go ahead and buy the domain again "" that is referenced in the videos so that they can go directly to this site instead. Especially since recreating the videos would be a huge pain since I no longer have the original files due to an unexpected hard drive failure and I hadn't backed up everything. >_<

Also, all of the resources here are created and disseminated for free with the option to donate. Therefore, it still qualifies as charity healing. ^_^

May these songs bless you and yours. 

The Divine in Me Sees the Divine in You: A Cleansing Shielding Song 
lyric and melody by me, acapella

Only the Holy: a Cleansing Shielding Song 
lyric and melody by me, music is Sol by Solar Fields

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