Sunday, July 5, 2020

Ancestral Prayerwork - a personal experience

I wasn't sure where I should write this, here or on my Asychronous Healing blog which is about my healing path and is way more personal, since well this is personal, but it relates so much to what I talk about when it comes to psychic protection, discernment, and faith in my classes.

So, without further adieu. 

I felt impressed to purchase three bundles of white sage from Hayley, owner of Earth Source Essentials on Instagram (Black owned!), while at the Love Is A Verb local concert last year (an event put on by Hella Famous.) I had no idea why, but I just had to. And I didn't know what to do with them. Because, well, my family does not like the smell of burning sage. 

About nine months later, in January of 2020, I was in a class about ancestral grief taught by Shauna Janz (on, highly recommend). So ancestral healing was on my mind. I had also created my own planner for this year, and saw a quote I had put into it. "Understanding is a three edged sword... your side, their side, and the truth." (Spoken to the Vorlons in Babylon 5 by Captain Sheridan). 

I suddenly new what to do. 
Use each sage bundle for a massive ancestral healing. I did those on the balcony on the evening of January 21st. 

For size this was about the size of each sage bundle, only two of three shown.

One at a time, I burned them.* The first for maternal side, the your side in the quote.
And the bowl broke during the burning. 
Let me tell you, hearing the sound of the bowl breaking was quite startling. 

I had to finish the burning in the second bowl. 
(and here is when I got the idea to take pictures!)
It burned well, and then I burned the other bundle for the paternal side, the their side from the quote.
And that bowl ALSO BROKE. That sound of it breaking and I was like okay, this is getting ridiculous. 

Talk about some serious resistance from both blood lines! 

And it also burned my table. -_-

I now had a bit of a stubborn attitude. Like oh hell no, you ancestors are breakin' my stuff! No way am I gonna quit. 

Look at my charred table!

And I then took the rest of that sage and put it in the third bowl and burned it. 
It burned well. 

And then I burned the final bundle which represented me and the truth from the quote. I was like, this next bowl had better not break, but if it does, holy hell, some serious work is gonna need to be done.

This one took some time to burn well. It went out a few times and I had to relight it,  sign of needed patience and to keep it up. And here it is. Burning. 

And the bowl did not break.
The truth prevailed. 
And so did I. And so will I, and so I am. 

I then took all the ashes that was left over from all the bowls, and buried them in a little corner of my apartment complex's property. 

I still felt indignant about my ancestors on both lines breaking and damaging my bowls and table. So. I saved the pieces and a few months later, end of May, beginning of June, I finally got around to sanding down the table. It looks nice!

And after that, I did some DYI kintsugi, and Behold! my bowls are healed!

Aren't they beautiful!? The perfect dishes for crystals or magical potpourri. 

Ancestral healing can be very dramatic and intense. That's their crap. So if you rely on your ancestors make sure you are working with the ones who aren't holding to their BS. You want to work with the healed ancestors, the truly wise ones, the elders or sages or elevated ones. Basically, the ones who won't come from a place of personal ego, but the ones who will truly help you in a way that is truly best for you. 

This was such an interesting experience to see how much resistance to healing their was in my bloodlines. 

But I know now, of a certainty, that truth prevails.

*As a point of interest the way I would light the sage bundles was with a burning candle that was on my ancestral altar. 

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