Tuesday, January 4, 2022

How I Calculate Your Year Card

When I calculate for the year card for a year reading, it's for the CURRENT year. There are two ways to do this, which I discovered quite by accident. Both relate to numerology. It's adding up the month and day of your birth with the current year (NOT your birth year). The two ways to do this is to maintain the place values (yep, back to elementary school here), and the other is to ignore place value and to treat all individual numbers as single digit numbers that go in the ones place. 

I give detailed examples of how this is done here. I also stated at the end of that article that I wasn't sure how I was going to handle the difference because sometimes, the answer is the same, and sometimes it's not. 

For example if your birthday is May 28 with the current year as 2022 (it's the year 2022 at the time of this writing) then the "maintaining the place value" method will give you number 12, The Hanged Man. But the "putting all numbers in the ones place" method will give you number 21, The World.

However, if you were born on May 1 with the current year as 2022, both methods will result in the number 12, The Hanged Man.

So, now the way I handle this is to use BOTH methods. And if you have two cards, you get two year cards, and if you get one card then you have one year card. I find that more interesting, and it adds some clarity and richness to the reading. At least for me. 

As always, questions are welcome!

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