Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Counterfeit Tarot Deck Problem

Yep, it's a problem that's real. 

Pervasive enough that I wrote to a local book thrift shop about counterfeit decks they are selling too, thinking they are legit mini decks when they aren't at all! 

Hallmarks of counterfeit decks:
  • They are smaller than the typical deck, so they might be thought of as a "mini" deck; which some decks do have. (The Wild Unknown Tarot, for example, now has a mini deck version, but it's in a *tin* not a little cardboard flip box.)
  • There are no physical guidebooks
  • There are QR codes to download a scanned version of the guidebook (some independent publishers might do this, but it's clear when it's an indie publisher)
  • Scans of said guidebooks look awful, btw.   
  • NO information on the publisher, 
  • NO credit given to the creator. 
  • Saying 78pcs
  • Shipping from China, (people who legitimately use Chinese presses start to have counterfeit problems with their works)

It's okay if you have been swindled before. I know I sure did when I was new at this! I thought I got the decks for a fabulous deal, but nope, I sure did not. 

Below are four images comparing legit vs bootleg versions of these two decks.  Click on the images below to see larger versions of each image. Conversely, you can also go directly to the links. 

Liminal 11, the publisher has this to say on counterfeit decks:


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