Friday, April 21, 2023

Cups Suit Cheat Sheet

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The suit of Water. Emotionality, conscious feeling, subconscious emotions, flow, flexibility, care, joy, romance, subtler energies, inner circle friendships. 

  1. Ace (1) of Cups: the core essence of water, a beginning

  2. Two (2) of Cups: Partnerships, healing

  3. Three (3) of Cups: celebrating with friends, abundance 

  4. Four (4) of Cups: Feeling salty, ignoring options

  5. Five (5) of Cups: grief, sorrow, sadness before moving on

  6. Six (6) of Cups: nostalgia, positive childhood memories

  7. Seven (7) of Cups: overwhelmed with choices

  8. Eight (8) of Cups: walkabout, leaving what no longer serves

  9. Nine (9) of Cups: Satisfaction, happy with progress

  10. Ten (10) of Cups: Happy family, joy after the storm,

Court Cards - typically a person, you or someone else, or how you or someone else are being perceived. Can also represent the qualities needed in a situation, within yourself or from someone else. 

  1. Page of Cups: youthfulness, dreamy 

  2. Knight of Cups: impulsive, hopeless romantic

  3. Queen of Cups: mature, loving, soothing, 

  4. King of Cups: well rounded, patient, stable, kind

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