Thursday, April 20, 2023

Wands Suit Cheat Sheet

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The suit of Fire. Willpower, inner drive/motivation, compassion and community, personal passions, action and reaction, forward momentum, being by doing

  1. Ace (1) of Wands: the core, essence, of fire, a beginning

  2. Two (2) of Wands: Assessment, weighing the options

  3. Three (3) of Wands: Waiting for results,

  4. Four (4) of Wands: Community celebration, joy

  5. Five (5) of Wands: struggle, unnecessary competition

  6. Six (6) of Wands: Victory, recognition, 

  7. Seven (7) of Wands: Stand your ground, 

  8. Eight (8) of Wands: lots of movement

  9. Nine (9) of Wands: Holding the line, injury, battle scars

  10. Ten (10) of Wands: Overburdened, heavy load, the grind 

Court Cards - typically a person, you or someone else, or how you or someone else are being perceived. Can also represent the qualities needed in a situation, within yourself or from someone else. 

  1. Page of Wands: youthfulness, excitable 

  2. Knight of Wands: impulsive, daredevil, 

  3. Queen of Wands: mature, reassuring, radiates warmth, smiles easily

  4. King of Wands:  well rounded, go get 'em vibes, ambitious

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