Monday, February 21, 2022

My Unexpected "Initiation" Into Professional Tarot Reading

Back in June 2018 I finally decided to actually listen to the spiritual promptings to take a break on FB for  a year and a day. Yeah, it took me quite a long time to listen to my spirit guides on that. I swear they know I behave like an idiot sometimes and so start poking me early. 

I set the start and spent the time up to that letting people know what I was up to, and I got few laughs for my, "year and a day" length, but hey, that wasn't my idea. 

In a few FB groups I wanted to say goodbye to people, and in one part  Tarot group that I really like I said:

"All right peeps. I'm leaving FB for a year and a day. My guides say it's time to stop putting that call on voicemail. It starts on Friday. If you wanna stay in touch please PM me! I will give you my email and such so we can stay in contact. "HOWEVER, before I leave, I wanna give some peeps a 3 card reading. THESE ARE WHAT THE PLACEMENTS MEAN: 1: What your Guides want you to know 2: What the Earth wants you to know. 3: What your Heart wants you to know.

"I know for sure I can do 10 people, I might be able to squeeze more but no promises.

"Note: I will be using Shadowscapes Tarot. Images available here: From Shadowscapes Tarot. Images available here:

"Unless I'm guided to use a different deck for you, then I will tell you different. 🙂 "Love this group! ❤"

Okay, well, there were several responses, and I got it in my head to DO THEM ALL. Okay, when I say several I mean about 50! So in less than 24 hours, between the hours of 3:17pm on June 13th to 9:40am June 14th (with eight hours sleep in between and, I assume, making family dinner) I did 51 readings (I counted, and I looked back on the thread to see all the dates and times). 

Y'all, that was exhausting. So exhausting I don't even remember sleeping. I remember it as one big mass of time doing reading after reading after reading in short order. And there were times I was inspired to use a different deck for someone which meant it took MORE time to get the reading done because I had to take pictures of hte spread when I went to a different deck. 

I was tired y'all. So. Tired. And I received SO MANY positive responses to the readings! Like no one said it was a dud for them. It was a helluva experience. 

Soon after I realized, wait, if I can do a bunch of readings like that all at once, then hot damn, I'm actually ready to be a professional Tarot reader!  That same year, I participated in my first faire as a Tarot reader. And after that I started my Tarot Energy Healing meetup group, which is a story all on its own.

Anyway, I had never considered this experience as an "initiation", but as simply me goin' wild. It wasn't until one of my students in the meetup called it one that I went, oh, oh yes, I suppose it is. 

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