Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Chariot (Card VII) - Basic Meanings


The Chariot, numbered VII (which is seven in Roman Numerals), is a card about doing the work of personal triumph. The timeless story of discovering yourself, and what you are made of. The story of gathering your resources, deep inside, your shadow and your light aligned, to move forward in a positive direction. Passion, drive, and preparedness for the task at hand. You got this. 


If the Chariot is in the obstacle position, you've dug in your heels or you're stuck in the mud spinning your wheels but unable to get enough traction to get out the mess you're in. Or, you are in perpetual crunch time, oppressive overwork, glorifying the grit, sleeplessness in the name of productivity. Personal triumph at the expense of running others down. No human or animal can run, or fly, forever.


When this card is in the solution position it typically a reminder that you are capable of doing what you need to do, and learning and learning anything you need to long along the way. You are the driver of your chariot. You choose how fast to go, when to go, and when to pause. You know what resources you need to gather for whatever it is you got going on. Harmonize your light and shadow, and GO. 


Using NO pictures is on purpose so that these meanings can be more easily applied to any Tarot deck using the Smith-Waite system, aka: Rider-Waite Smith (RWS).  

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