Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Empress (Card III) - Basic Meanings


The Empress, card III (this is three in Roman Numerals) is about going out and taking care of things,. Community service that is directly with the people, the community; including plants and animals - the whole ecosystem. The Empress is the big nurturing doer. Warmth, care, trust, and relief are in this card. A bit of both sunshine and shade; whichever is most needful.  


When in the obstacle position of a spread, The Empress may indicate a need to nourish yourself, a time out for attending the community, nearing burn out. Sometimes you have to go out and do things for YOU. It's can also indicate a call to check your motivations. Are you really being altruistic or are you being self-serving; using the concepts of community and care to manipulate others into doing what you want? 


When in the solution position of a spread, The Empress may indicate a need to use your creative compassionate energy to focus on serving others. There are many ways to be of service, to have a direct impact on others and the ecosystem. Do the service thing that you enjoy!  Show warmth and care in your interactions with others, doing so is like offering sweet water to parched lips. 

Using NO pictures is on purpose so that these meanings can be more easily applied to any Tarot deck using the Smith-Waite system, aka: Rider-Waite Smith (RWS). 

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