for my students, Earth Reiki - Traditional Usui Ryoho w/Earth-based Practices

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For everyone, please be sure to give credit where credit is due with a link back to here if you post about what I write on your website or social media, etc. . Everything is written by me except for where noted.

I was trained in traditional Usui Reiki. I also have been trained in earth-based energy healing practices, such as Moto-ki, and also work with Spirit Animal Guides. I blend both. Thus, when I teach traditional Usui Reiki I also add in some earth-based techniques that fits easily within the traditional structure. I will of course, note when I deviate from the traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki, so if those deviations don't work for you, you can choose not to incorporate them into your practice. 

A nice thing about Reiki is that it's a nice addition to many modalities such as ICU care, hospice care, massage therapy, sound healing, Moto-ki, Emotion Code, dance, etc. Another nice thing is that it is NOT a religion. You can be Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, agnostic, etc., and still practice Reiki.

This online resource for my students is a work in progress. 

My students are encouraged to give me suggestions to make this material better for their use. I'm here for you my peeps! 💚💚💚<3

Reiki I - A Solid Foundation

Let it be known. Reiki I is NOT a lesser form of Reiki. The foundation of a house is not less than the rest of the house. Without the foundation, the rest of the house would fall. And so it is with Reiki I.

Reiki II - The Foci*

The Symbols of Healing to help you focus and hone in on the various aspects of healing.

My original handouts: Click here

  • Oh snap, I messed up drawing the symbol! Halp!
  • Singing the Symbols ♫♪ 

  • Reiki III - Master Teacher Foci*

    Where you learn Master symbols for the purpose of attunements.

    My original handouts: Click here

    Note: Foci is the plural form of focus

    Books I recommend:

    My Reiki Master's book, Lisa Powers, Reiki I, II, and Master Manual
    Diane Stein's Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art


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